Doula Mentorship


Why should I consider having a mentor if I have already attended a doula training? 

Knowledge and experience is ever learning. Doula training provides and covers a lot of valuable information in such a short amount of time. You may be wondering how to navigate effectively in the birth community. Wanting to get your business started can bring so many overwhelming emotions. Having a mentor to guide and assist you with your personal business goals can ease your journey. You are here to support families as a DOULA!!!! These families are counting on you. Let's discuss how to support them effectively with the quality of care they so rightfully deserve!

What are some of the benefits as a mentee with Divine Doula Goddess ?

Access to Private Facebook Group to discuss relevant topics:

  • Guidance on doula support during CoVid19 

  • Divine Doula Goddess Community Resource list 

  • Local and virtual beneficial business training 

  • Ethical and professional standards in a birth setting

  • Contracts, agreements, and business forms

  • Guidance with creating professional boundaries

  • Marketing and networking

  • Establishing relationships with other local doulas

Monthly 90 minute video call

One-on-One meeting to discuss:

  • Your specific goals for your doula business

  • Balancing home life and doula life

  • Your specific questions or concerns