Baby's Grasp


Every Wombman deserves emotional

and physical support during birth.

Statistics have proven that the

continuous support of a Doula present

throughout labor, highly reduces the rates of medical interventions. 

To ensure that your desires are met, I offer a wide variety of affordable services to best suit your family's needs. 

   Free Consultation   

 Being pregnant during a global pandemic can be stressful. My goal is to ease the tension and focus on your overall well being. Every pregnancy and birth is very unique. Want to find out more information about having me as your doula and what I offer? Rest assured that everything we discuss is confidential. I will speak with you to discuss your desired birth plan. I will answer questions you may have concerning your wants and needs to determine what services and which package fits your family's needs. 


Birth Doula Services 

To continuously have someone right at your side during labor and delivery is the essential purpose of having a doula present at your birth. I will provide you with physical comfort measures, empower you with personal reassurance, and compassion. My focus is to be fully supportive of you and have your best interests at heart. I can provide you with knowledge based information that can assist you with making your own informed decisions, with confidence knowing the benefits and risks of your concerns.

Birth Doula Package 

  • Prenatal Birth Plan Session

  • Scheduled Phone Support

  • Video Call Check In  

  •  Evidence Based Information 

  •  Comfort Measures Session 

  •  Support During Labor

  •  Breastfeeding Support

  •  Postpartum Follow Up

  •  Community Resources

Virtual Doula Services

In the midst of these uncertain times, virtual services offers doula support in the comfort of your environment. I will assist you with creating a detailed birth plan. You can choose to check in for prenatal video calls during pregnancy or support during labor. Whether local or out of state, I can provide you with continuous video support and comfort techniques during labor.

Postpartum Doula Services  

Those first few weeks with your newborn can be quite overwhelming. You and baby need to rest. With family members returning to work, 

I offer continued support when you need me.

I keep the focus on healing and recovering

from birth. Life has its demands, and your

family doesn't have to do this alone. We can create a schedule and organize a plan to provide support during the "4th trimester."

Postpartum Support      

  • Breastfeeding Support

  • Assistance with Newborn Care

  • Preparation of Nutritious Meals

  • Light Housekeeping Tasks

  • Grocery Shopping and Errands

  • Rest and Nap times for Mama

  • Self Love and Care Time for Mama

  • Date Night for Parents

Sibling Doula Options

  •  Care for Other Children During Labor and Mama and Baby's Hospital Stay 

  • Assist with Care for Older Children for  Bonding Time for Mama and Newborn

  • Care for Newborn to Provide One on One Time for Mama and Children

  • Transport from Afterschool Activities

  • Rest and Nap times for Mama

  • Self Love and Care Time for Mama

  • Date Night for Parents

Customize Your Doula Package
Divine Doula Goddess offers Affordable Packages and Simple Payment Plans to Provide You With the Support You Deserve!
Additional Services Include:

Assistance with Creating a Birth Plan 

Placenta Encapsulation

Indigenous Belly Binding  

 Womb Reiki Session

 Womb Empowerment Meditation 

 Mama and Baby Sacred Sound Attunements 

 Affirmation and Visualization Healing Session

Aura Chakra Clearing and Attunement 

Pregnancy Massages

Before Birth Braids

Tarot Readings

Yoni Steams


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Provide your Family or Friend with the Support they Deserve!