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Baby's Grasp

Everyone deserves emotional and physical support during pregnancy preparing for labor and birth. Statistics have proven that the continuous support of a Doula present throughout labor, highly reduces the rates of medical interventions. To ensure that your desires are met, Divine Doula Goddess offers a wide variety of professional affordable services to best suit your family's needs. 

Birth Doula Services 

To continuously have someone right at your side during labor and delivery is the essential purpose of having a doula present at your birth. We will provide you with physical comfort measures, empower you with personal reassurance, and compassion. Our focus is to be fully supportive of you and have your best interests at heart. We can provide you with knowledge based information that can assist you with making your own informed decisions, with confidence knowing the benefits and risks of your concerns.

Birth Doula Package $1500

  • Prenatal Birth Plan 

  • Postpartum Planning 

  • Provider Visit with Doula

  •  Comfort Measures Session

  • Scheduled Phone Support

  • Scheduled Video Call Check In  

  •  Evidence Based Information   

  •  Continuous Labor Support

  • Assistance with Infant Feeding

  •  2 Postpartum Follow Up Visits

  •  Info for Community Resources




Postpartum Doula Services  

Those first few weeks with your newborn can be quite overwhelming. Additional postpartum support is focused on your healing and recovering from birth. You and baby need to rest. With life feeling hectic and family members returning to work, you may need extra hands to help. We have a team of postpartum doulas that offer continued support when you need it. Life has its demands, and your family doesn't have to do this alone. We can create a schedule and organize a plan to provide support during the "4th trimester."

Postpartum Support      

  • Breastfeeding Support

  • Assistance with Newborn Care

  • Preparation of Nutritious Meals

  • Light Housekeeping Tasks

  • Grocery Shopping and Errands

  • Rest and Nap times for Mama

  • Self Love and Care Time for Mama

  • Date Night for Parents

“I spent 30 hours in labor & about 24 accompanied by my SiStar. We breathed together, moved our hips to the sweet sounds of our Ancestors preparing to send my baby Earthside, we prayed & She chanted over us. Time slipped away from us in those hours of labor but Shatara stayed true to the support she gifted my family and I with; offering beautiful energy and positivity to lighten up the worry that engulfed our environment. My partner and I couldn't be any more grateful for the empowering experience we shared. I birthed a beautiful Baby Boy on May 24th and she was right there assuring my birth went as close to what I desired as possible. We ThAnkh you SiStar for embarking on this empowering journey with us!”



"Shatara helped me through my first home birth. She was awesome! She is well versed in what she does. Through my whole pregnancy and even after, she was there to guide my husband and me through any concerns we had. She even blessed me with the knowledge on the benefits of placenta encapsulation. Those were a major key during my postpartum days! I am truly grateful for Sistah Shatara Het Heru Bey ."



"Shatara is the perfect doula and placenta encapsulation professional! Her energy, spirit, knowledge and support prepared my mate and I for our journey with our twins. I am grateful for the time she took to carefully explain every question I had about the birth plan we put together. Shatara made my labor experience the best. It truly relaxed me and made me feel ready for birth. I also appreciated the fact that Shatara included my mate in all of our conversations and I am also humbled and thankful for the postpartum support I received. I'd highly recommend her to anyone in need of a doula or needing their placenta(s) encapsulated."


"Shatara is awesome! She is very knowledgable and also educated me on what a Doula does. Her dedication and support to my daughter Renita was so heartfelt. I would absolutely recommend a Doula! I don’t think my daughter’s birthing experience would have been as successful without Shatara‘s assistance. She came from NC to VA and stayed with my daughter in the hospital the entire time. She’s a great coach! As the grandmother working with Shatara, I think we made a great team in support of my daughter. I highly encourage "Doula and Grandma" as a team support! Shatara's positive energy and her spiritual gifts made her well loved and so easy to work with. She's very professional with a lot of patience. At the hospital we both asked the hospital staff questions pertaining to delivery and this put my daughter's mind at ease that we both had her back! We made an awesome team!"   -Renee'

"I thought I was going to lose my placenta due to hurricane Florence and other issues but Shatara reached out to me and went out of her way to provide encapsulation services to me! She helped bring light to my birthing experience and I’m more than grateful! Everything was packaged beautifully as well!"  -Lynn


"Shatara was SUCHHHHHH a blessing! I’m beyond thankful to have met her and appreciate everything she did assisting in my birthing experience. We had a successful VBAC and she gave me the confidence that it could be done even when I wanted to give up. Super informative and answered all of my many questions with no hesitation. I could go on and on about her professionalism and her obvious love for what she does.Thank you. Truly. I’ll never forget this birthing experience!" -Renita 

“My Bestfriend, Desiree was assisted by this beautiful sistah. She couldn’t have asked for a better doula. Shatara made sure Desiree was as comfortable as possible, we chanted, we listened to beautiful healing sounds and made sure the energy was completely nurturing for her. My god son came out a healthy boy!! I know whenI have children in the future I will definitely use her to assist me! ThANKH you sis!!”  -Amira 

Additional Services Include:

Assistance with Creating a Birth Plan 

Placenta Encapsulation

Indigenous Belly Binding  

 Womb Reiki Session

 Womb Empowerment Meditation 

 Mama and Baby Sacred Sound Attunements 

 Affirmation and Visualization Healing Session

Aura Chakra Clearing and Attunement 

Pregnancy Massages

Yoni Steams

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