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Welcome to Divine Doula Goddess

Divine Doula Goddess
"Nurturing Divine Support That Awakens The Goddess Within" 

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Shatara Het Heru Bey
Creatress of Divine Doula Goddess
Professional and Spiritual Doula Trainer & Mentor

As a proud natural healer and Indigenous Wombman, Shatara passionately feels her life purpose is to liberate, uplift, and reconnect Wombmen and their Wombs. She has eight beautiful children and has had seven natural births, three being unassisted lotus births in the comfort of her own home. She trusted her own body to naturally and intuitively guide her in free birthing. As the spiritual and professional doula of the community, she enjoys supporting and advocating for melanated families. She provides continuous physical, mental, and emotional support before, during, and after childbirth. She is a Doula Instructor, Tainer, Mentor, Reiki Priestess, Intuitive Healer, and also a Yoni Steam Practitioner.  Shatara knows her soul purpose is to heal and elevate her people. She respects, protects and embraces the choices of Wombmen she supports for their birthing experience. Shatara embraces her Goddess presence to align chakra centers, tap into the holy breath, utilizes visualizations, affirmations, meditation, natural rhythms and comfort measures during the sacred birthing experience and healing journey. Shatara uses the wise Ancestral presence and energy to provide true healing, passion,  spirituality, and genuine support that every Wombman deserves. 

Divine Doula Goddess offers Full Spectrum Community Based Doula Services

Research studies show that when a doula is present women may experience:

Higher Satisfaction with their overall labor and birth * Decreased rate of medical interventions during labor * Physical, Mental, and Emotional Support * Higher Rates of Vaginal Births *Much Lower C-Section rates *Reduced Use of Pitocin *Shorter Labors

Vision of Our Mission

Every family deserves access to having adequate doula support throughout their sacred pregnancy journey.  

Our mission is to ensure that professional and nurturing doula services are accessible and affordable to all pregnant bodies in the community. We specifically specialize in supporting BIPOC, different ethnic groups and backgrounds to create and encourage a cultural safe space for them to naturally be themselves. Representation matters and individuals of the community deserve to be supported by a trusted doula of their own background. Families seeking doula support deserve to experience first-hand a judgment free birth experience without racial inequities. Having a black and indigenous doula can successfully improve the statistics of black maternal and infant health. Divine Doula Goddess aims to ensure the families of the community receive the advantages of doula support, without income barriers limiting the proven benefits that will impact their personal birth experience that they deserve. We want all the birthing persons of the community to reconnect and safely enjoy birthing their babies again.  


Want to help gift a local pregnant sista of the Fayetteville community with a monetary contribution towards her doula services?

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